Asclepius Oil-Healing, Health, Blessings, Serenity
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Asclepius Oil-Healing, Health, Blessings, Serenity

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The famous Greek physician, Asclepius, was the inspiration for this oil. He was said to be a mortal healer who later became a god. I find this oil works well for helping you (or your doctors, healer, therapist etc.) find the best treatment/cure for whatever is ailing you. In the time of Asclepius, Priests would hypnotize people to free them from their pain. You can use this oil to relieve your own pain, or the pain someone else is experiencing. Whether it be from heartbreak, loss, grief, disease or injury this oil works well to promote peace and healing. Use this oil during meditation and ask Asclepius for guidance in your health. Created with essential oils and herbs of hyssop, juniper, anise, rose and more. Use on white, blue or rainbow candles. Thanks for looking!

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