Whole Solomon Seal Roots-Protection, Success, Prosperity

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Solomon's Seal root is named for King Solomon of the Bible, who is said to have kept demons confined in a jar by means of a miraculous seal. This root is widely thought to be a powerful protector and it is used for the purpose of warding off evil while bringing success in financial matters. 

You can place one of these roots along your window sill to protect your home. You may also burn it mixed with with other prosperity herbs to help them make wise decisions in career and business. Combine this root with Mint and Balm of Gilead for a cleansing bath used to put a stop to the evil and encourage a fresh start. 

Solomon's Seal has been used for centuries to "seal" or enhance any type of magick. It is an all-purpose root that brings great power when added to any charm, mojo, paquet, or gris gris.

You will receive one, 3x4 inch zip bag of roots-about 7 whole pieces.

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