Wealthy Way Oil

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Wealthy Way is a hoodoo staple for many practitioners. Everyone should own this oil! No matter if you own a business or work for someone who does, hold onto what you work so hard for! This oil also helps with bets and games (I've heard it works very well for those who play bingo;) This is another oil where each hoodoo has their own recipe for it-so you rarely find two oils alike. Sad to say, a lot of time the bottle just contains plain old oil that's been dyed green:( well, not here! As you know, oils are my thang! I worked very hard on this formula so it will do what it says-open the way to wealth for you-that is, so long as you keep your end of the bargain; work hard, be smart with your money, and BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE. This oil helps when we are so blinded by poverty and bad luck that it becomes difficult to see a way out and what is causing it. Use this oil and tempt fate to smile upon you and grant you true wealth! I love to anoint my cash with it so when I spend it, it will find it's way back to me;) Created with 5 finger grass, sassafras root, master wort, nutmeg, allspice...and love of course;) All of these are soaked in vanilla, lotus, jasmine, frankincense and a spearmint oils. Only the best for my hoodoo hunnies! Use this oil as a meditation oil-anoint your third eye, neck, wrists, and soles of your feet. Light a green, white, or yellow candle, also anointed this oil, and some incense. A small bowl of water must be used as an offering with a crystal inside, so all four elements are represented. Sit in meditation with your eyes closed, visualizing your a pathway littered with gems leading to your deity or ancestor you choose to work with. Do this guided meditation 3 times, letting it lead you further down the path each time. See them as the brightest gem of all, offer your bowl of water and sit at their side and ask them for advice on your financial matters. This oil works well to invoke Lakshmi, Green Tara, Ganesh, Kwan Yin, Mercury, Hermes, Apollo, and Thoth. thanks for looking!

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