Wasp Nest Piece-Better Business, Fidelity, and Hex Breaking

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Nests of flying insects such as termites and wasps have been used for centuries by hoodoos and rootworkers for their varied abilities. It is said that if a small amount of the wasp nest is administered to your partner (via food) they will remain faithful. If you are found to be jinxed, crossed up, or hexed, urinating on the nest will break the hex. 

It is believed that the extreme intricacy and detail of the wasps homes will add extra strength to any working, that it holds great ashe' and is a natural lucky curio. 

You will recieve a large piece of wasp nest.

Due to the delicacy of these, I will pack to the best of my ability but the buyer assumes all responsibility for any damage that happens to the nest in transport. The nest's magickal abilities will not be hindered by damage.

thanks for looking!

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