Warding Chicken Foot Talisman-Defense, Highest Protection

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Warding Chicken Feet talismans. To guard and protect against danger, harm and evil. Dressed and charged with The Oil of Holy Fire. An extremely potent oleum of protection, whose spirit centers around the components of Dogwood Berries, Blessed Thistle, Poke leaves, Myrrh. This oil allows one to be encircled in a fortress of Holy Fire, that none dare attack lest they meet the scorching flames. These are consecrated in the hour of Mars, day of the

Chicken feet are often used ifor purification of the body by lightly "scratching" the body from head to toe. This works well to remove curses, jinxes, and crossed-up conditions. They are also used to scratch up messes in other people's affairs. Use one to scratch as a dollbaby or poppet representing your target and watch what happens...

You can also keep them dressed on your laltar as a type of defensive and protective amulet. This use has sort of a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" magic. Try anointing one with my Do as I Say oil and sprinkle with my Gypsy Command Powder for help in getting things turned around in your favor.

These are a powerful piece of juju!

A common tradition is to hang one up in your home for protection and luck.

You will receive ONE chicken foot. 

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Curio and entertainment only. Readings are not a substitute for legal, mental, physical, or financial help.

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