Violet Wisdom Oil-Divination, Psychic, Tarot

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This oil is designed to open doorways to your intuition, subconscious, and high self that lurks deep within. It will help you gain wisdom and psychic insight. Great for dream magick, vision quests, and any form of divination. Inspired by, and created to open, the the crown chakra, which houses our intuition, third eye, and divine connection. This chakra's colour is violet, gold, silver, or white.

If you need control and focus over your abilities this oil can provide that too, allowing you to get more from visions, dreams, and readings. It will provide a new spark to your intuition and help guide you to the spirit world. It is also perfect for high learning. If you attend metaphysical classes, workshops, or retreats, this oil can help you get the most from your teachings and help you retain it. Use with yellow, orange, white, or purple candles. 

contains hyacinth, lotus, lilac, and vanilla oils. - See more at:

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