Vini Vin Oil

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This name translates to "wine vine" in Latin and will give you the intoxicating feeling that a good glass (or bottle;) of wine does. The seductive, sultry, confidence that exudes from every pore when we get to feelin' good;) That confidence is what is needed to achieve our goals in life...but this oil provides it safely...and with no hang over;) Let this oil wrap your goals and pull them close. This is a powerful binding oil and is perfect for any binding ritual, cord, or knot magick. Be it in love, work, play, or to enhance your self, this oil has your back. I can not even find this oil for sale anymore it is such an old recipe! Tried and true, like any good hoodoo;) Spell for vini vin oil; Use with figure candles of appropriate colour and gender according to your situation. Inscribe the one representing you with your name and the other with the other person's name. Anoint the candles and yourself with my vini vin oil and have the candles face one another. Light them and say your petition. After 10 minutes, move them closer together and extinguish the flames. Repeat this each day until the candles meet, symbolizing a meeting of minds. On the day the touch, let them burn completely. It's best to do this over 7 days. Take some of the wax remains and add them to a mojo you carry with you to remind you of your goal and to continue to work towards it. Best used with red, yellow, and pink candles. Works well with Saint Cipriano and saint Expedite. Created with passion vine, honeysuckle, and jasmine-all vines that will wrap and hold your desires. Contains 2 other secret ingredients. thanks for looking!

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