Venus Retrograde Service-Oct. 12-Self Love, Healing, Confidence

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Venus retrograde brings six weeks of increased passions you can channel in many ways. Venus rules love so relationships will be a major focus for many, but the aspects and fixed stars involved are ideal for artistic and creative work as well. This can even be a great time to focus on business or fianances as many find improvement in this area during Venus Retrograde.

This service will help you through this emotional time by healing past traumas, focusing on new, budding growth within yourself and within your relationships. It can aid in interpreting romantic messages meant for you and clearing up miscommunications or overly-emotional times/issues in your relationships.

One candle per request, you may purchase as many candles as you'd like-simply specify one request per candle please.

A candle will be lit for each request and burned in a group service on my altar.

Thanks for looking!

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