Valerian Root-Vandal Root-Enemy Work, Protection, Love
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Valerian Root-Vandal Root-Enemy Work, Protection, Love

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Valeriana Officinallis
*NOT Centranthus Ruber which is often called "red valerian" but it not related to true valerian.

This root is known to conjure powerful magick and spirits. It will enhance any magick it is used with or any mojo it is added to. It is one of the most powerful roots I know of. It is sacred to Venus.

Used medically as a nerve-calming tea, its magical reputation is highly protective, and it is used to force love. It is burned in black arts incense for hexing, but used as uncrossing incense with a yellow candle, it will destroy jinxes. 

Some folks secretly place this root in their enemy's car, causing them to have bad luck with the car. To stop an unwanted visitor, sprinkle root chips across their own front steps, while calling out the person's name, allegedly the visitor will be unable to cross over. Some people wrap valerian root and a photo of their mate in tinfoil to stop fights. They carry this packet for 3 days and then throw it into a living body of water (a lake, ocean, or river).

Used in a mojo with cherry bark, rose petals, and dirt from the graves of a couple, it is said to "force" love. This mojo will be available very soon!

This root is also known to protect one from being robbed or vandalized (it protects against "vandals" which is how it got it's name) and to stop nightmares. It is also used a as a substitute for actual graveyard dirt if none can be obtained for a spell. Hung in the windows it protects a home from lightening and charms away evil, made into sachets and placed in the pillow aids sleep. A small pouch pinned to a woman's clothes it will cause men to "follow like children". 

Valerian attracts cats like mad! They go insane for this stuff, so be prepared if you have a cat. Mine goes nuts as soon as I bring it inside the house! Allegedly, that's how Saint Patrick got rid of the snakes in Ireland, he charmed the cats with valerian and they did the dirty work or removing the snakes!

Valerian smells like a cross between sweaty feet and vinegar...just to warn you.

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