Third Eye Mojo
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Third Eye Mojo

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welcome! A lovely little mojo for you to use for prophetic dreams, to enhance ESP, or use with your chosen form of divination. This little enlightening hand has been known to promote a deepening of spirituality, connection with your chosen deity, and open your mind for new opportunities to reveal themselves. This mojo has been made in my family for decades and we like the way it works;) This particular mojo has been used for 200 years by hoodoos. Created with a hair from my cat, anise seeds, graveyard earth, shells, sea glass, sea salt, a carnelian eye, and hibiscus flowers. Plus a few secrets;) The shells and beach glass were collected by my husband and I from the island of Vieques, east of Puerto Rico. The finest of ingredients! Leave it on your altar as a focal point during ritual or meditation, wear it when you divine, or keep it next to your bed for prophetic dreams. When you receive your mojo, add a lock of hair from the back of your head to it. Your mojo should be anointed or fed regularly with a suitable oil. I recommend my Violet Wisdom oil.

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