Thieves Oil-Health, Rashes, Congestion, Joints, Colds, Wellness

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According to the long-told historic tale…. The use of thieves oil dates alllll the way back to the year 1413.  The time of the infamous Bubonic Plague (aka The Black Death) that devastated a large portion of France.  The Black Death spread like wild-fire amongst the citizens, and the doctors alike.  It seemed impossible to be in the vicinity without contracting it, and at the time, the sickness really did mean ultimate demise.

During this time, however, four thieves were captured and charged for stealing from the sick and dying.  The thieves never contracted the plague, despite the close contact with the Black-Death victims.

At this time, the crime these 4 men committed was punishable by burning alive.  The judge was so intrigued by how these men had stayed immune to this terrible disease, that he told them if they shared their secret he would spare them of this punishment.

The Thieves told the judge their secret: they were perfume & spice merchants who were unemployed due to the closure of the sea ports and the devastation of the plague.  They had prepared an essential oil recipe that when applied to their hands, ears, temples, feet & a mask over their mouths, kept them safe from infection.  The judge stayed true to his word.  The men were not burned alive, but instead they were hanged for their crimes.

  1. Apply 1-3 drops around cuts or open wounds to prevent infection and promote healing.
  2. Mix with a tablespoon of water, gargle and swallow for a sore throat.
  3. Apply to upper chest and throat with V-6 Massage Oil for chest tightness.
  4. Put a drop on your thumb and apply to the roof of your mouth for a headache.
  5. Put 4-8 drops in a capsule with olive oil and swallow daily for longevity.
  6. For skin blemishes, take internally and apply to the skin diluted with V-6 Massage Oil.
  7. Put a couple drops directly on the soles of your feet to protect you from colds and flu.
  8. Diffuse in your home to keep the yuk countdown.
  9. Breathe in the vapors when you have lung congestion.
  10. Use to clean pet cages, creating a healthier environment for them.
  11. Add a few drops to your dishwasher for cleaner dishes.
  12. Add to your laundry cycle for cleaner clothes.
  13. Add several drops to your mop water for cleaner floors.
  14. Mix 8-12 drops with water in a 4 oz. spray bottle to repel insects on your flowers and plants.
    1. Use to dissolve the gummy adhesive on price labels.
    2. Apply to bee and wasp stings to neutralize the toxin and relieve the pain.
    3. Apply to gums to keep gums healthy.
    4. Apply orally to maintain healthy teeth.
    5. Apply a drop or two to gums and teeth for pain relief from toothaches.
    6. Diffuse 15-30 minutes daily in homes or business to solve smells and germs.
    7. Add 1 drop to orange juice and drink to reduce phlegm and congestion.
    8. Apply to broken bones or joints with V-6 for pain relief and to heal.
    9. Put a drop in your cup of tea for flavor and to maintain health.
    10. Put on the tip of your tongue to help you stop smoking.
    11. Put on cold sores with V-6 to help heal.
    12. For warts: apply topically, inhale and take 2-3 drops in a capsule to make them disappear.
    13. Rub on sore joints with V-6 Massage Oil to relieve pain.
    14. Drink a few drops in water or juice every three hours to stop a cold.
    15. Place a drop in a glass of water every day to prevent yuks.
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