The Gift of Life Tarot Deck
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The Gift of Life Tarot Deck

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Reveal your hidden talents, find your life’s purpose and your uniqueness in this world of human diversity with THE GIFT OF LIFE TAROT.

Created by photographer Alice Smeets, this 78-card deck features real life scenes from real people from all around the earth in world class documentary style photos (Some of these photos even won international photo-awards). None of the photos were staged, these are decisive moments captured in daily life scenes, different religious practises and rituals or festivities. The 78 photo-cards are rooted in classical tarot interpretations that delve into the mystical occurrences and stories from different countries of our earth such as Haiti, India, Panama, The United States, The UK and more.

The Gift of Life Tarot Deck will help you in these times of uncertainty to reconnect to what is truly important and show you your unique gifts that you can rely upon to get you through all of life's ups and downs.

While you can use the deck for any type of questions that you may have, the deck is particularly good at answering questions that reconnect you to your joy, your inner power or about how to make life more meaningful. It is here to guide you back into alignment with your higher self.

The real life scenes of this deck make it very easy to relate each card to ourselves and our lives and facilitate the interpretation process finding the answers to our questions. This makes it a great beginners tarot deck but just as well a powerful tool for experienced readers and professionals alike.

This deck is published and sold by the Belgian non-profit-organisation Consciousness Rising VOG (

The 78 cards are slightly bigger than traditional tarot cards (3.54x5.31 inch or 90x135mm) and printed on premium heavyweight 350 GSM card stock. Each deck will come with a 112 pages small booklet explaining the story of the scene, the country, the general meaning of the 78 cards as well as the life purpose meaning for each card. There will be a section explaining how to get acquainted with the cards and three suggested tarot spread to find your hidden talents and life purpose with the deck.

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