The Book on Palo-Deities, Initiatory Rituals and Ceremonies

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Deities, initiatory rituals and ceremonies of Palo, an African-based Cuban religion similar to Santeria. Features never-before-published sygils, workings and over 200 translations of herbs and palo sticks from Cuban Spanish to Bantu and English, including each plant`s scientific classification. The book also features many photographs of rituals, initiations, and sacrifices.  The focus of this book is on palo monte as taught by Demetrio Gomez Campo Santo Medianoche (1874-1968). The book covers deites, intiatory rituals and ceremonies.
148 pages
This book was highly influential on my path and practices. It is an invaluable source for spells, veves and enriching your spritiual and religious education and libraries. Used copies now sell for $80-$115.00 due to it's rarity.
Each book is BRAND NEW and from my own collection.
Thanks for looking!
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