Swamp Baby Oil-The Ultimate New Orleans Good Luck Oil
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Swamp Baby Oil-The Ultimate New Orleans Good Luck Oil

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The ultimate New Orleans Luck Conjure Formula!

Created with items only from New Orleans including vervain root (one of the luckiest roots), gold and silver mirrors (to multiply your luck), gold, vervain essential oil, bits of cash, new orleans brick (to protect your luck) AND a special, truly authentic King Cake Baby-the REAL kind that are safe to bake INTO the King Cake's for Mardis Gras-NOT the little plastic ones hidden beneath the cakes. These little dolls are close to my heart because of their resemblence the Victorian era Frozen Charlotte Dolls that were so beloved by adults and children alike. These little dolls were an affordable way for everyone to have a bisque doll to play with or even to adorn presents and puddings!

History, good luck, the macabre'? Everything that a true New Orleans Oil should be!

LARGE 1 ounce bottles (double the size of my standard conjure oils)


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