Successful You Oil-Draw Success into Your Life and Endeavors

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Created from High John root, cinnamon, five finger grass, nutmeg, lodestone and bergamot essential oil! I've created this blend to lend a big helping hand to your endeavors, dreams and goals.

Use for getting new clients or projects, to boost your business, for steady employment, to find work, save for a trip or just to put a little away in the bank!

For an extra oomph, use this oil on orange or yellow candles, wear as a perfume or try making this mojo;

You'll need;

1 red mojo bag

2 lodestones

1 dressed nutmeg


sweet woodruff.

Dress and feed the bag with the oil and carry with you. For money, wrap a one dollar bill around it with purple or orange thread.

Thanks for looking!

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