Springtime Divine Incense- Sweetening, Abundance, Enchanting
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Springtime Divine Incense- Sweetening, Abundance, Enchanting

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This incense was created to honor the Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara from the Goddess Eostre. Eostre is the Germanic goddess of dawn who is celebrated during the Spring Equinox. On the old Germanic calendar, the equivalent month to April was called “Ōstarmānod” – or Easter-month. As a holiday, Easter predates Christianity and was originally the name for Spring Equinox celebrations.

The date of the Christian celebration of Easter changes each year and the reason the date changes is because it is based on a ‘Pagan’ solar calendar. Easter occurs on the Sunday after the first full moon occurring after the Spring Equinox. 

Most of the symbolism around this holiday comes from the pre-christian Pagan celebrations of the Spring Equinox. We paint Easter eggs with bright colors at this time of year. The bright colors are a reflection of the spring flowers blooming and egg itself may be linked to chickens’ return to laying after the long winter months where chicken’s lay very few, if any, eggs. The Easter bunny is a  symbol of fertility and fruitfulness.

This season is all about blessings, renewal, hope, abundance, fertility and celebration. This is the perfect incense to bless your spring spell candles with, cleanse your home and altar to bring sweeteness and joy or smoke yourself, your clothes or your sheets with it for love, happiness and sweetness.

Created with phlox, carnation, hydrangea, rose, benzoin of Siam, tonka bean, gum arabic, white copal and more. You will receive a 1.5 ounce jar with two incense coals.

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