Spiritual Incense-Luck, Scrying, Cleansing, Protection
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Spiritual Incense-Luck, Scrying, Cleansing, Protection

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welcome! I am so proud of this incense! It is a self-igniting incense (yay! NO charcoal briquettes!), is wonderfully rich and luxurious in texture, colour, and scent! Created from finely milled sweetwoods, earthy-noted herbs (like patchouli and high john) and fine fruit oils from India! Vibrant colours of the spectrum (plus white) were used to represent 8 Orishas. Beautiful to touch, see and smell! Awake your senses, feel alive, and invite divine blessings into your home! Simple! Place a small mound on a heat-safe dish, and light! Viola! You're makin' magick hunny! Also makes a kick-ass floor sweep;) Sprinkle around your home, let sit for about 15 minutes or so, then sweep from your front door to your back door, sweeping luck into your house- throw the dirt and floor sweep out your back door, never the front. Use on carpet the same way, then vacuum in a clockwise manner! Try it with this affirmation; "All good is mine, blessings unfold. Tears turn to smiles and silver to gold." feedback; "hahaha I don't even know how many packets I've gone through. My absolute favorite incense. Everyone must give this a try!" 3x4 inch zip bag will last through lots and lots of rituals and spells! thanks for looking! curio only, do not leave unattended.

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