Solar Eclipse Reading-Expression, Action, Goals, Success
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Solar Eclipse Reading-Expression, Action, Goals, Success

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A solar eclipse has such varied and powerful energy, there’s almost no limit to what you can do. But because the Sun rules over our ego, our self-expression, and the overall way in which we pursue success, I use these readings as a chance to bring out the parts of ourselves which have long been seeking expression or outlet. This three-card spread focuses on unfulfilled or unexpressed aspects of our selves, the root cause of our withholding them, and action we can take to bring them out. Where the lunar eclipse calls for reflection and emotional peace, the solar eclipse calls for action and movement, so this reading will give you something immediate to do to bring more light and success into your life.

******************Please leave a note in "special instruction" with all details such as full name, DOB and your question.

The three card spread is one of the simplest and most adaptable I use. It can be for insight into a very specific question or situation, or just to gain a general sense of yourself in life right now. Please keep in mind, though, that the more basic your question, the more broad the reading will be.

About Me

I have been a practicing witch for over twenty years now. Like so many of us, I was immediately drawn to various forms of divination, and got my first tarot deck when I was thirteen. I began reading for others over ten years ago, after years of study and practice with a variety of decks. Over time I’ve found that much of a tarot reading is about finding what we are unable to see within ourselves, and that comes through very clearly in my readings. My readings provide guidance on things you may already know but need to think about from a different perspective, while also gaining a clearer picture about outside people and circumstances which may be influencing the situation at hand. When you come to me with a question or problem, you can expect a no-nonsense, complete picture approach, discovering not only what is hidden from you, but what is hidden within you.


All readings are done via email. You will recieve a report and photo.

Thank you!

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