Sleeping Moon BodyButter-Feminine Divine, Relaxation, Dream Work
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Sleeping Moon BodyButter-Feminine Divine, Relaxation, Dream Work

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This is a lovely new Body Butter based on one of my soaps! Use before rituals, workings, full or new moons, before bed, trance work or every morning when you shower. Start your day the goddess way!

It's amazing how a simple beauty step, such applying this butter, can become a daily magical working. Each time you use it (the more often, the more saturated your intent will be) keep positive thoughts in your mind about yourself, bless others, and invoke the goddess inside! You will be surprised how a simple, daily act can enrich your spiritual life.

Created with pure liquid amber, musk and opium oils to carry divine messages to you as you relax away the world's stress. Transform yourself into your own moon goddess!

You will receive one 4 ounce, plastic jar tinted a soft mauve color.

thanks for looking!

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