Skull Skeleton Key-Protection, Divination, Ancestor Work

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Skeleton keys have long been used as protective amulets and charms, due to being made of iron, through out many cultures and folk practices. 

They are also symbolic of opening doors-to occult knowledge, practices, unlocking mysteries, and removing blockages to your goals in life.

Keys are also sacred to many deities and saints such as Eleggua, Papa Legba, Saint Peter, Hecate, Janus, etc.

These keys have been consecrated and dressed with my Witch's Veil Oil to help you focus and interpret messages from your guides by unlocking the spiritual gateway between realms.

Charged and ready to use in altar gridding, ancestor work, divination or to enhance any spellwork. Suspend it from a string to create a pendulum for divination.

Each key is about 5 inches long.


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