Silver Success Oil, Luck, Small Business, Success, New Endeavors

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This is an old recipe with a new twist-High John root!

Small business owners need all the help they can get in this world. I am a huge supporter of small, independent business for many reasons. This oil can be used for success in any new endeavor. School, a new job, starting a business-anything that will lead to the betterment yourself, family, and community.

This oil attracts luck and good fortune to a new endeavor and helps sustain you through the trying times ahead. Because as we all know, the path of fortune is often difficult. I've been asked why this oil is called "silver success" versus platinum or gold. While those metals are more precious to most people, silver is important to a hoodoo. Silver dimes, also called Mercury-head dimes, are used in many spells for success as well as silver filings. Silver is the metal of the moon which is associated with prosperity and growth. 

Spell for this oil;
On a monday, add some iron filings and a few drops of my oil to a bowl of water and stir with the middle finger of your projective hand nine times. Say; "From door to floor, my store will be filled with wealth and success". You can adjust the words to fit your endeavor, of course.

This oil works very well when used with La Madama, Saint Martin de Caballero, and Saint Homobonus. Use on green, red, yellow, purple, or orange candles. 

Created with neroli, gardenia, bayberry, coconut, musk, and honeysuckle with nutmeg, mace, devil's claw, and high john root.

thanks for looking! 

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