Shi Shi PowderFast, Emergencies, Overcome Adversity, Attain Luck
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Shi Shi PowderFast, Emergencies, Overcome Adversity, Attain Luck

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One of the oldest hoodoo formulas I know of! Called the "emergency" formula, it gets you out of the worst situations fast. Reputed to work the fastest of all formulas! This powder puts poverty on the run and attracts wealth fast! I have used this for matters with court cases or employment, but it will clear the way in any working! Removes obstacles, clears your path so you can advance, provides triumph over adversity and challenges. Gets negative people out of your way so you can be successful. Great for getting back biters away quickly! Use this oil by carrying it with you and rubbing it on your hands at your place of business, court, work, school, wherever it applies. This is a family recipe made with genuine powdered Master root, quality and integrity-not all Shi Shi formulas are created equal!


feedback; "initially i wasnt sure if this product actually worked. i was wearing this while driving home one night and I was pulled over. despite wearing this, I was still ticketed. I thought this oil failed me! Time passed and eventually the date of my court date arrived. I showed up an hour before my trial to let them know that I planned to plead "no contest" and I would accept whatever penalties came. Well, the receptionist couldnt find a copy of my ticket in the database. So she got her manager and the manager couldnt find it either! So my case was dismissed! They told me it was so odd..the ticket was never recorded, it was like it never even existed. They told me they wished they had some of my good luck :)"

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