Serket Bath Salts-Unhexing, Uncrossing, Protection, Evil Eye

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A Conjured Cardea original recipe!

Serket was the ancient Egyptian scorpion goddess of magic. As with other dark goddesses, she was both a protective goddess and one who punished wrong doers with her burning wrath. She could punish those with the venom of a scorpion or snake, causing breathlessness and death, or she could protect against the same venom. Yet just as she could kill, she gives breath to the justified dead, helping them be reborn in the afterlife.

Serket is a most powerful Goddess to call upon. She can banish any malevolent spirit and rid your life of those who abuse or use you. This bath is also perfect for those who are empathic and are constantly being drained by others' negativity, depression, or grief. These salts have been imbued with the power to create a protective sphere around you, so negative energy bounces off instead of being absorbed. 

As many of you know, I like to create dual purpose products-one's that combat the current problem then allow you to heal as well. If you have been abused or used these salts will protect you while providing a healing atmosphere. You must heal and get your strength back in order to move on to some normalcy. Just as Serket will protect you, she will blow warm, strength-filled, breath into your body to begin your new life.

How to use these salts;
Run a hot bath, pour some of this salt in your hands and scrub your neck, head, and hands. Say whatever mantra or prayer works for you. I use Psalm 51 as a spiritual purifier; "Cleanse me with hyssop; wash me and I shall be whiter than snow."

Sprinkle some of the salt all over your floors, let it sit for one night then sweep it up from the back of your house to the front and flush it down the toilet or take it to a living body of water (stream, lake, river, ocean).

Add some of the salt to 4 glasses of water and put them at the 4 corners of your bed. Then bring all the mirrors and clocks you have in your home into your bedroom-malevolent spirits don't like ticking clocks or mirrors. Leave these there for 9 days.

To refresh this ritual, put some of this salt on your head and cover it with a white cloth for a few hours, then take a shower or bath.

My salts are created under the guise of Serket, always on Tuesday, with sea salt, black volcanic salt, epsom salt, hyssop, lavender, vervain, rosemary, with essential oil of vervain. They have been coloured blue as blue is believed to prevent the Evil Eye and provide protection. You will receive a 4 ounce bottle.

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Please use common sense and test for allergies if you have sensitivity to oils or herbs.

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