Separation Palm Oil Candle WITH Spell Instructions
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Separation Palm Oil Candle WITH Spell Instructions

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6" Tall glass encased palm oil Candle will burn about 85 Hours

This Mystical Astral Break Up Candle is made from natural coco wax, essences and special elements that give it a great astral power.

Instructions: Light this candle when you are sure of the break up that is to take place.  Take the candle and hold it with both hands and concentrate on the two people that you want to separate and recite the following- With this candle, I separate you from xxxx so that from this day forward you will only think of me and you will only dream of me.  Once the candle is finished burning you will find quartz stone at the bottom of the container.  Do not touch them but simply throw them out and recite the following- Like I throw this away in the garbage, I want you to throw away xxxx from your life so that going forward you and I will be together.

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