Separation Oil

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Separation items are used to do just what the name says "separate". Use in matters of divorce, abuse, to break up lovers or couples, etc. Just make sure one part of the couple wants it to be over don't want that kinda mess on your head. This oil can also help get people out of your home who are mooching off of you and can help you safely escape and find a new residence if you need to. Use this oil to dress a black figure candle representing the person and a colour to represent yourself-not black. Place them back to back. Now, place a name paper and a taglock of theirs under their candle and your name and a taglock of yours under the candle representing you. Light these over 7 days moving the two candles a little father from each other each day. Make sure it is in secret-tell no one-and make sure it is no where the target will see the two candles. This oil is my own formula created with black mustard seed, galangal root, cayenne, vervain, iron, and clove oil....among other fine ingredients. thanks for looking! ashe!

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