Satyr Oil-Claim Your Passions, Strength, Power, Success
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Satyr Oil-Claim Your Passions, Strength, Power, Success

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For the wild and unknown. Decipher mysteries. Claim your passions. Curate strength and power. Used by those seeking more creativity, connection, passion and expression in their lives. A perfect formula for artists, musicians, dancers-or those looking to add new dimension and fun to their professional life.

For the home; try using on red candles to enhance passion and sexual unions and endeavors.

Perfect to enhance all green paths; hedgewitch, green witchcraft, herbalists, alchemists, hoodoos-any path that works with nature.

For the masculine witch-try using this as a luxurious beard oil!

Created with vanilla, clove, cedarwood, rosemary, sweet orange. Hand-harvested oakmoss and soldier lichen with dragon's blood resin.

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