Samhain Soap-Transformation,Autumn, Day of the Dead

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Seasonal item! It will be discontinued after October.

Just in time for the cool weather and all your autumnal meetings, rituals, sabbats, and celebrations! Makes a wonderful Samhain, or any time, gift!

Created with notes of clove, cinnamon, orange and white pumpkin. Then sprinkled with Dittany of Crete to enhance communication and messages from  your spirits and guides. These oils and powder are all known for their richness and ability to bring positive change, prsoperity, and abundance.

Natural soaps are best used with hot water and friction. Lather does not equal cleanliness. Synthetic lathering agents are added to commercial soaps. Natural soap will produce a nice, light lather on its own. Work this soap on a cloth or luffa, in the shower or tub, for cleansing and moisturizing.

You will receive ONE large 4 ounce bar.

Thanks for looking!

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