Saint Philomena Oil-Better Business, On-line Sales, Projects

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Saint Philomena is considered a little sister of Erzulie Freda in my tradition.

For better business, on-line sales, success in selling your wares, projects and jobs, try this spell.

Perform this on Thursday or Sunday.

Purchase a bouquet of white and light pink roses or any light colored flowers. Place this on a white cloth along with the best image or statue you can find of her since this will be prominantly displayed in your place of business.

Add a pink or light blue 7 day candle, candles and sweet drinks.

Sprinkle a few drops of sweet soda on the floor for Eleggua to open the door for Philomena. Then tear the petals from the flowers and scatter them on the floor of your busines, around your computer if your work is on-line, welcoming her. State what you need from her and that you promise to be an honest business person.

Allow her youthful, cheery energy to fill your business and draw customers to you. She may inspire you to redecorate so do any cleaning or arranging as neessary to make the space more appealing and suitable to Philomena.

Light the candle each day for 7 days and dispose of the offerings outside as usual.

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