Saint Martin of Tours/Cabalerro-Business, Luck, Travel, Miracles
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Saint Martin of Tours/Cabalerro-Business, Luck, Travel, Miracles

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Born in Hungary, he served in the Roman army, where he became a centurion. While riding his horse, he happened upon a near-naked beggar. Martin cut his cloak in half giving it the man to cover himself. That night he had a dream in which the poor man appeared to him as Jesus. Martin then left the army to become a monk in Italy. He was later promoted to the rank of Bishop of Tours in France. He always lived a very simple life and gave freely to charity. Saint Martin is the Patron Saint of those who hope strangers will aid them. In Mexico, San Martin Caballero is especially popular among shop-keepers, who rely on the kindness of passing strangers to patron their shops. Saint Martin is associated with the lucky horseshoe and he is also a popular saint for gamblers to call upon. In Cuba, some Santeros identify him with the orisha Ellegua. This oil is made with my own Saint Martin blend of herbs and essential oils to bring you good luck, help, business, and prosperity. Thank you for looking!

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