Saint Alex Candle & Oil Set-Chases Away Wrongdoers, Gossip,Harm

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This is for one full sized, 9-day candle, fully dressed and blessed along with one 1/2 ounce of my San Alejo oil formula!

Saint Alex is known for chasing away all evil, demons, and wrongdoers. Invoke his presence to protect you from people who would cause harm to you in any way; physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. This oil squelches malicious gossip, slander, Hides you from bullies or abusers, and keeps you and your family safe. 

I have used this oil in several cases to get someone away from their abusive spouse. They are safely relocated before the spouse even realizes what has happened. Completely avoiding what would be a very dangerous situation. It has even been used to draw police to an abuser and send them away for long enough for the spouse to relocate safely before the abuser is released.

It also has an incredible ability to cleanse and heal you if you have already been abused. Use with a purple and white candle for best results. Created with allspice, cinnamon, and frankincense oils, herbs, and resins.

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feedback; "So usually I use the plain little white 7 day candles one can buy anywhere. Oh silly me. How foolish I've been. Moma Sarah's candles are DIVINE. They smell wonderful, they burn silky smooth, and you can feel the energy of the room change. It is not even fair to try to compare to them to regular novenas. It's also worth noting that the glass is much sturdier and a higher quality than the average novena."

Shipping costs are higher on this item because it is a very heavy, glass item. 

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