Rune Casting Reading-Your Question Quest with Ancient Runes
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Rune Casting Reading-Your Question Quest with Ancient Runes

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Runes have been in use for thousands of years, and represent primal natural forces to which we can still connect, or through which we can gain a better understanding of our places in life. It is said Odin hung on Ygdrassil, the world tree, for nine long nights, willingly sacrificing himself in order to gain the wisdom of the runes. In modern practice, they are important symbols of magic and are often used for divination. Their use is complex and their meanings endless; with these ancient tools we open ourselves to a far more intricate, yet primal, form of divination.

 How it Works: When I do a rune casting, I meditate on your situation until I feel attuned to your needs. I then cast the runes onto the rune cloth. All runes which land upside down or outside the reading area are removed. The runes that remain are read, and meaning is attributed not only to the individual rune’s symbolism, but also to its position on the casting cloth and its position relative to other runes. Because of the infinite possibilities in rune casts, each reading will vary both in number of runes and in how they are interpreted as a whole. You may have one single rune with intense meaning, or a dozen runes painting a cohesive picture. Every single reading receives devoted energy and careful interpretation, and each one is unique to the person receiving it.

Following the simple format of a 3-card reading, all event-based readings (lunar, seasonal, astrological, etc.) tap into the energy of the specific event and give you an idea of how it will play out in your life-maybe looking at three different aspects, the past-present-future around that event, or just allowing the entire reading to flow however it may. Because this power already has its own direction, there is no specific question asked for these readings. It is better to leave them open and gain insight which can be used for your personal workings, meditations, goal-setting, or spiritual development.



The three card spread is one of the simplest and most adaptable I use. It can be for insight into a very specific question or situation, or just to gain a general sense of yourself in life right now. Please keep in mind, though, that the more basic your question, the more broad the reading will be.

About Me

I have been a practicing witch for over twenty years now. Like so many of us, I was immediately drawn to various forms of divination, and got my first tarot deck when I was thirteen. I began reading for others over ten years ago, after years of study and practice with a variety of decks. Over time I’ve found that much of a tarot reading is about finding what we are unable to see within ourselves, and that comes through very clearly in my readings. My readings provide guidance on things you may already know but need to think about from a different perspective, while also gaining a clearer picture about outside people and circumstances which may be influencing the situation at hand. When you come to me with a question or problem, you can expect a no-nonsense, complete picture approach, discovering not only what is hidden from you, but what is hidden within you.


All readings are done via email. You will recieve a report and photo.

Thank you!

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