Rose of Jericho-Wealth, Purification, Communication with Spirits

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This plant is known scientifically as "Anastatica hierochuntica", which grows naturally in northern Africa and southwest Asia. These plants have the remarkable ability to survive in a curled up, dormant, brown, lifeless state for years, and then unfurl, and turn an emerald green when placed in a couple of inches of water. After re-hydrating, they go dormant again when their water source is removed, and can be revived again after dormancy. This cycle can be repeated for years. Because of this astounding characteristic it has been called the resurrection plant, Jerusalem rose, dinosaur plant, conjure weed, and rose of Jericho. It is attributed with various magickal properties and is one the best house hold and self purification ingredients I know of. You simply asperge your house and yourself with it's water anytime, great before ritual! My family has used it in hoodoo practices for as long as I can remember. It is even believed to play a roll in conjuring spirits and spells, causing possession and curing one of possession as well. For prosperity, keep one in water behind or at your front door, with a few coins added to the water. Wash your front door with this water and watch the prosperity unfold like this sacred plant! Wash a family members grave with it to receive messages from them through divination or dream! feedback; "What an amazing little treasure this is! Just a little while in water and it's open and lovely! I have it on the end table right by my front door just as you said to do! Thank you! Blessings!" You will receive, 1 dormant plant from the picture. ***sizes will vary. these are natural curios and the goddess makes some small and some big, just like us;) thanks for looking!

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