Reversing Oil-Reverse Negative Energy, Decisions, End Quarrels

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Sure, this oil can be used to get justice if someone has committed harm against you but it is also great for using in the home to clear negativity, end arguments, and give your home a complete over-hall. It can reverse a decision in court or other areas and really helps with unfair bosses. Calms, quiets, and gets rid of negativity fast. Use a few drops in an oil burner and see what happens...great if you have bad attitudes in your house;) This oil is now being used in Earth healing rituals to ritually disperse the negative effects happening to our mother due to pollution, strip mining, deforestation, and extinction. Contains cinnamon, rose, and lavender oils with clove, rose, lavender and cinnamon herbs. feedback; "brought immediate results for a situation with someone trying to talk smack about my business! also used to help after a tantrum my son had, really helped restore the peace the was here before the outburst. can't say enough about this oil! LOVE IT!! blessings!!" thanks for looking!

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