Restore and Rise Service-Restoration, Support for any Goal

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This is a service that I will perform for you, or a targeted person, to help provide spiritual cleansing, renewal and restoration of luck, love, prosperity and health. Works well for use before a new endeavor or after a streak of bad luck or illness.


This service includes a loaded, dressed and fixed candle which is burned on my altar, along with the corresponding oils, altar set up, evocations, prayers, incense, roots and powder.

You will receive 5-10 photos of your service, once completed. This is a 2-3 day service. Please write the details of your situation, along with your full name, in the "special instructions" area of your order form. Any photos can be e-mailed to

Photo is an example of this service-each service is fully customized.

Feel free to read my testimonials here;


Spiritual services are not guaranteed. Just as not eveyr treatment or therpy is successful for everyone, spiritual work will not be successful 100% of the time for 100% of clients. A client's choices and practices greatly affect the success of a service.


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