Red Devil Oil-Trick Negativity Out of Your Life, Protection

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Old traditional Hoodoo oil but with a twist. My signature blend created to get bad juju out of your life fast! Stronger than my flying devil, this is good for exorcising jinxes, hexes, curses, or just cleaning the crud out of your life to make room for the good stuff! Gets negative vibes out, harmful people, malicious spirits, glommers (users), and unfortunate circumstances out and destroys them! That's right! Ever wonder when you lay a trick to get rid of something where it goes? Yikes, it doesn't go to the neighbor..DOES IT??? With this, there are no worries! Created to chase away and destroy the negativity, not keep it floatin' around to grab hold of someone else. Great stuff for dire situations. The best way to use this product initially, is to purchase 7 black or white candles, dress them with this oil, and burn one each day for 7 days, focusing on what you want to change in your life and HOW you will turn negatives into positives. No magick happens without hard work and diligence. Ask for strength and the confidence to accept good things in your life and to keep harm away. anoint all openings to your home, especially the front door with this oil. Do this once a week to refresh the spell and let the universe know you are still hard at work and worthy of change in your life. *DO NOT get this onto your skin and keep away from all mucus membranes and orifices! Wash your hands, it will burn! Created with lots a hot spices! thanks for looking!

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