Rainbow Oil-Joy, Success, Renewal, Rids One of Fears, Love

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welcome! This oil is designed to renew you and get you ready for life's challenges. Clears your head, renews energy and brightens your path to success by ridding you of fears and providing balance and grounding. This oil is wonderful if you working any type of healing field or work with people. If you work int he healing arts, hospitals, group homes, with the homeless, social work, etc. this oil will help keep you protected and balanced while providing peace and trust for your clients. wonderful at opening and balancing chakras. Works very well for those who have experienced sexual abuse or trauma and have trouble with commitment or trust. Use this oil with this simple spell; Light a yellow candle anointed with this oil and then use a few drops in a bowl of water. Place brightly coloured flowers or petals in this water and place the bowl on your altar or nightstand. use this water as a focal point and release your fears into. keep inviting the image of a rainbow into your mind and all it represents; after the devastating storms of light, peace and renewal will come again. Throw this water out your back door, or down the toilet, as it has absorbed your fears. This oil is also popular among my gay and lesbian clients, for love, healing, and protection. Created from lilac, peach, and rain finely scented oils from India. thanks for looking! CURIO ONLY

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