Raiload Spike-Nail Down What You Want to Obtain and What You Wan

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The most popular hoodoo spell that employs railroad spikes is a working to secure one's home or land. This spell may be used by renters and home-owners alike. Tenants use it to keep the landlord from evicting them and owners use it to keep the mortgage company at bay or to stop greedy family members from trying to sell off the old home place for quick cash after the death of a family member. This is a well known tradition; Dress the spikes, as you would any object that is the focus of a working, with an oil such as Fiery Wall of Protection. As you do this, pray and visualize the home remaining yours. You will then drive the railroad spike into the ground with a hammer. One practice dictates covering the spike over with graveyard dirt (properly paid for of course) from the grave of one's own ancestors, calling upon them to protect the home. This can be tricky but is a nice addition if you are able to obtain it. The spikes are then "set" in place by the act of urinating on them. I like the symbolism in the working above and clients have found it to useful and successful in keeping their homes or dwellings. You will receive a similar spike to the one pictures, all spikes were legally obtained (from a sideline that is no longer used) by me and are authentic, not replicas. thanks for looking! curio only.

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