RE-Purify & Protect Service-Purification with Protection Booster
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RE-Purify & Protect Service-Purification with Protection Booster

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This is a service that I will perform for you, or a targeted person, to draw out iphysical illness or ailments, fixed, crossed or jinxed conditions.  Adds protection while removing blockages, promote healing and prevent crossed up conditions or hexes.

 This is a 5-7 day service which I perform on your behalf.  I will need details the symptoms you are experiencing.

This service includes a loaded, dressed and fixed candle which is burned on my altar, along with the corresponding oils, altar set up, evocations, prayers, incense, roots and powder.

You will receive 5-10 photos of your service, once completed. Please write the details of your situation, along with your full name, in the "special instructions" are of your order. Any photos can be e-mailed to

Photo is an example of this service-each service is fully customized.

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