Queen B*tch Working-Strength, Success, Independance,Confidence,

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There's a short and sweet saying I just adore; "Bitches get shit done." And it is true. Sometimes in life, you have no choice other then to be a bitch. Not a door mat, not a toy. Be a bitch! Bitches don't get put on the back burner! Whether you need to send a message to your partner about how they treat you, get your point across to a woman meddling in your relationship, or show your co-workers and boss you deserve and command respect! Get that raise or those grades from your professor. Get that job or promotion! Take that class, apply for that grant or start that business you've always wanted!

After all, bitches get shit done.

 Gain back your strength and confidence after an abusive realtionship or other traumatic event. Gain your independance and liberation.

This is a sevrice that works well when powerful magic is needed-or when all else has failed. Perfect for getting the needed or desired from a relationship, superior, client, business opportunity and networking. 

Workings are scheduled first come, first serve and on the appropriate day of the week to bring you the best results possible. 

A full report containing 5-10 photos will be emailed when the work is close to completion or upon completion.

Please provide your name, DOB, and goals on your order form in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS AREA.  NO INFORMATION MEANS NO SERVICE.

 A photo can be e-mailed to conjuredcardea@gmail.com

To read my testimonials, please visit this link; http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/content/testimonials

Thank you for looking!

*Spiritual work is never guaranteed. Just with any professional service, such as a lawyer or counselor, providing a professional service does not guarantee your situation with be met with your anticipated goals, in your anticipated amount of time.

Thank you!

Bless! I look forward to serving you.

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