Queen B*tch Soap-Confidence, Results, Success, Ends Competition

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There's a short and sweet saying I just adore;

"Bitches get shit done."

And it is true:)

Sometimes in life, you have no choice other then to be a bitch. Not a door mat, not a toy. be a bitch! Cuz bitches don't get put on the back burner!

Whether you need to send a message to your partner about how they treat you, get your point across to a woman meddling in your relationship, or show your co-workers and boss you deserve and command respect-try this soap out!

Get that raise or those grades from your professor. Get that job or promotion! Take that class or start that business you've always wanted! After all, bitches get shit done:)

This soap is best used for emergencies-when the fastest magic is needed-or when all else has failed.

Layer this with my Queen B*tch oil for maximum success!

Created with black currant, cocoa, and cherry oils plus licorice root, guinea pepper, black mustard seed and more!

feedback; "I'm normally shy...wore this to a wedding last week...I knew not a soul...by the end of the night...this b*tch was workin it!"

"I just started wearing this oil. In the few days using it, I have noticed that I'm not quite as lazy as I usually am. I am a notorious procrastinator and lazy should be my middle name, but this oil has really gave me a little fire to get things done. This is just what I needed!"

thanks for looking!

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