Purification Service-Spiritual Cleansing and Renewal

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This is a service that I will perform for you, or a targeted person, to help provide spiritual cleansing and renewal. Works well for The Evil Eye and hants or use before a new endeavor or after a streak of bad luck.


This is a 2-3 day service which I perform on your behalf. I will need the symptoms you are experiencing, your full name, DOB and a photo if possible. ALL details must be provided in an email sent to conjuredcardea@gmail.com

Your service will include the use of;

A loaded and dressed white crucifix 

Frankincense resin

A bluing bath

Black Salt or saltpetre


A dressed photo petition(if provided)

Thank you for looking!


Spiritual services are not guaranteed. Just as not eveyr treatment or therpy is successful for everyone, spiritual work will not be successful 100% of the time for 100% of clients. A client's choices and practices greatly affect the success of a service.

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