Psalm 23 Oil-Ritual and Spell Booster
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Psalm 23 Oil-Ritual and Spell Booster

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The power of prayer or meditation on a thought or goal along with faith and positive attitude can result in enormous success even when all other avenues have failed. When we are fully and whole-heartedly compassionate, kind, selfless, and giving we are united with the divine and our lives become full of love and blessings. Psalm oils are often used by those who practice Vodou and Hoodoo and those whose beliefs combines Catholicism, Saints, Mediumship, and/or Vodou practices.

The Psalms of David, Asaph, the Korahites, Moses, Solomon, Ethan and Heman are songs of men who knew God and were divinely inspired to write these poems in praise. Within these poems there is no longing of the spirit, no obsession of the mind, nor and need of the body which can not be expressed through the praying of one of the psalms. these prayers were used by the ancient Jews more than 2 thousand years ago and are still used by millions daily. 

Use of the Psalms is accompanied by lighting an anointed candle and burning incense. Set up your altar arrangement then recite Psalm 23. Light your incense first then your candle representing yourself, (to your left) and your object candle, representing your desire on your right. State your plea or request, then sit quietly and meditate. state your request again, recite psalms 23 again, then snuff out your candles the object or left candle first then your candle representing yourself on the right. Let the incense consume itself as an offering to the divine. 

This oil is created with a tiny scroll of Psalm 23, resins and oils of frankincense and myrrh.

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