Protection Mojo

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Enhance this mojo with your own protective charms, tokens, herbs...whatever! Protection mojos are the best to start with, because you need to be protected before you should attempt any other magickal workings. You will receive one black mojo bag filled with protective gris gris. The term Gris Gris has a few origins. Some believe it comes from the word juju for the west African word for a fetish or sacred object, jou jou for the french "doll" or "plaything". Grou grou then came from this and then gris gris, the french word for grey meaning to create a balance between light and dark to obtain, maintain, and control outcomes. Gris Gris are created with an odd number of ingredients; this one has an even number you are to add the remaining ingredient(s) to make it an odd number and make it work for you. You must also add a a taglock, that is, a personal item such as hair, nail clipping, bodily fluid, photo, or clothing scrap. Take care of it and it will return the favor. Keep it with you as you would your wallet-like it holds your most valuable possessions. Some keep them on their altar, if this is your practice do it, I just find a lot of my clients forget about gris gris if they do that. I've started this one for you with a hand made black gris gris filled with graveyard dirt, mandrake root, angelica root, sage, frankincense, iron nails, devil's shoestring, and a cowrie to protect from the Evil Eye! After you receive this bag, and get it how you want , place it in sunlight and let the sun cleanse those pesky spirits out of your home! Just start adding your own stuff and charge away! Throw it in your car to keep you safe during travel. There's a multitude of things to use this for whether it be for spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical protection. I've had customers keep them in their cash box to prevent lost or stolen money. It is up to you to make an offering of this mojo in order for it to work. I do not cast "spells" on them. I simply gather the corresponding materials and put them together so you can save time and money by not having to hunt down the main ingredients. You still have to add our own work. I bless each object I make with the goal to bring the user the best possible outcome that can be achieved...but that's it..after all, it's filled with your gris gris now, not mine:) Your mojo will not be exactly like this one, because each is made for the client purchasing it. thanks for looking! curio only.

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