Protection 5 Oil

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welcome! I was recently contacted by a client about an all-purpose protection oil, and realized that I hadn't listed any yet...duh! I used to sell a ton of this oil to in-person clients. Its a wonderful mix of geranium and peppermint essential oils, angelica root, juniper berry, dragon's blood resin, frankincense resin, and devil's shoestring root. A quintuple threat against whatever may stand in your way! This strong blend will demolish any negative energies that others have been sending out to you and offers protection from psychic attacks. Perfect during magick when we can be vulnerable. Great for everyday situations too-anoint your car to keep you safe during travel, anoint your work space to keep energy sucking co-workers away, anoint your computer to fight that electro-magnetic drain that wears you down. Add a few drops to some wash/mop water along with mexican anil (sold here), a handful of salt a a cup or 2 of baking soda and scrub your front steps, doors and floors, now THAT'S clean! Use on blue, black, green, or white candles. thanks for looking!

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