Prosperity Jomo
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Prosperity Jomo

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welcome! An ancient form of magick traced back to African origins. You hear/read very little of this hoodoo now and when I do read about them they are used quite differently now than what I was taught. Jomo balles can be made for anything, it depends how and what they're made from, just like any magical item. These are created from one of my green High John the Conqueror candle that I charged and dressed with my Mint riches oil, then loaded with lodestones, celery seed, fennel seed, patchouli, 5 finger grass, and basil. It was then lit over a week for the specific purpose of creating these jomos. A bit of the process has been shown in the fifth photo. All of these herbs are used to promote prosperity, success, and abundance in your home, life, and magickal workings. So how do you us these weird lil' thangs? My family throws these on people's roofs, or our own depending on the meaning of the balle. I's odd. We make a joke and call them "dem'ova balles" because we're always thowin' "dem ova" onto someone's house:) The idea is, you throw a jomo on your roof, in the driveway or porch and the sun melts it. This is how the magick happens! It's a like a spot of melted magickal glue sayin' "you're stuck with this magick now!" Now, if you don't want to hurl a wax ball at your roof or your neighbors property, you can just put it in your mojo bag/nation sack or on your altar and it'll work just fine;) thanks for looking! curio only.

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