Primal Passion Working-Appeals to Animal Instincts, Love Bonding

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This working utilizes a hand-pured solid red anatomical heart, made in single batch, ritualistic pours. This service to appeal to the primal, core desires of a target. To stir irrestistable sexual and bonding urges and experiences within them in order to pursue the client for a romantic, sexual realtionship that is long term and sustained.

This is a 7 day working, depending how quickly the candle burns. I will personally load, dress and fix this candle for your specific goal. Please leave the details in the notes section of your order.

A full report containing 5-10 photos will be emailed when the work is close to completion or upon completion.

Please provide names, DOB and photos, if possible, to e-mailed to

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*Spiritual work is never guaranteed. Just with any professional service, such as a lawyer or counselor, providing a professional service does not guarantee your situation with be met with your anticipated goals, in your anticipated amount of time.

* No working is guranteed. The outcome is up to your personal efforts and the decision of the spirits-as with all magic.

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