Po No Mo Mojo-For Employment, Prosperity, and Money

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Another of my favourites because it just works so damn well;) Another oldie and goodie, used by my family and it's clients for decades. Mojo, is believed to be a version of the word "mojuba" from West Africa, meaning "to give praise". Mojo's are created from ashe', the natural, invisible power of our mother, the earth. These are any natural objects;bones, feathers, earth, stones, roots, etc. By utilizing and acknowledging these charms you are giving praise to the earth, our mother.

Created with lots of fine things; dirt from a bank, dirt from a successful business, tonka bean, high john the conqueror root, 2 lodestones, magnetic sand, coconut hairs, and devil's claw among other secrets;)

Keep on your body or in your purse as much as possible, and add a lock of your own hair to it. It should be anointed regularly to feed it. I have many anointing oils here in my shop that would be very compatible with this mojo. My favorite choices that correspond best are Bani, Arabka Soudager, Ganesh's Road Opener, King Solomon, and Gypsy Gold.

client feedback; "I can't remember what number this is of items I have gotten from Moma Sarah but I can say that every time I am never disappointed! This Mojo is just the highest quality out there, you can feel it radiating energy. You can tell how much time and effort she puts into her work. <3"

Please allow for variations in materials, as each mojo is unique, just like you;)

thanks for looking!

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