Petit Bon Ange-Little Soul Doll-WITH Curios-Sympathetic Magic
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Petit Bon Ange-Little Soul Doll-WITH Curios-Sympathetic Magic

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Getting to know yourself is a very important part of spiritual journeys. Often, honoring our ancestors reveals much about ourselves-that's what little soul dolls are for. They honor all we are-earth, water, and culture.

This is not a 100% completely traditional little soul doll-if it were you'd make it yourself. However, if you can't or don't want to, this doll will work very well for you even with not being created by your own two hands.

Little soul dolls are an extension of you and are used to enhance your intuition and subconscious and to manifest your desires. They help you listen to the truth you already know. 

Traditionally, if a practitioner's house caught fire they would grab their child and little soul doll first of all things. You treat it as you would treat yourself; make it comfortable, do not leave it alone for extended periods of time, keep it clean and feed it with offerings of candles and water. Give her perfume, put some money by her, give her jewelry-be good to yourself!

This doll contains coral for the brain, a cowrie for the heart, Ethiopian clay, high john, lodestone, meadowsweet root, tonka beans, among other items that represent aspects of the body, soul, and a fortunate life. It is double sided and stuffed with traditionally prepared cotton then hand-stitched in the folk art tradition. She's about 6 inches tall.

Traditionally, once you have your doll you would have a little party with ONLY CLOSE sister-folk to introduce your doll. Give your doll a place of honor on your altar-or make one specifically for her-and talk to her about your problems.

How to work with this doll-
As I mentioned above, you treat this doll as you would yourself as it is an extension of you. You give it whatever you need; if you need money give her coins and ask that they be multiplied, if you need a home, build it a little cardboard house, if you need a job pin a picture to her of something involved with your ideal job. Don't be surprised if she starts talking to you, changes expressions, or falls from your altar. This is sympathetic magic in it's most powerful form.

Originally I created only one for my shop and said I would make more upon request-and I got a lot of requests! This is still a very special item and I will limit how many I make. Each doll will include charms and curios to keep it fed and happy.

*********************Please allow A MI8NIMIM OF FOUR weeks for this creation of this very special vessel for your spiritual work.

thanks for looking!

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