Peace Water Soap

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welcome! I am so excited to bring my recipe to you! Enjoy the benfits of my Peace Water as you bathe! Bring peace, harmony and joy to your whole body-start your day off right! True peace water is a beautiful magickal aid and just the aesthetics are enough to evoke feelings of serenity. I have captured the serene movement of Peace Water in this soap with waves of cool blue lavender and soft white peppermint soap. The theory behind peace water is the old adage "to pour oil over troubled waters" meaning to soothe the spirit. Scientifically when oil is poured onto agitated water, it does smooth the surface, and that is what this soap does for you and your household as well. It is said by hoodoos in my family that simply having Peace water in your home calms tension, anger, quarrels and problems of all sorts. I find it to be true as well. If you have teenagers or are having relationship difficulties, try this. I can't reveal my entire recipe here but this concoction includes my own indigo water, known for it's protective and calming abilities, my own infused "drawing" oil, peppermint oil and lavender buds-the best combination of herbs to clear negativity from a home. Draw harmony and banish the nasties. thanks for looking!

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