Peace & Harmony Oil-Aids in Overcoming Fear, Guilt, Loss, Stress

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I have decided to list this formula due to an abundance of of my clients dealing with death, homelessness, and life's traumas. This oil is designed to bring you rest, ease stress and insomnia, and restore a peaceful mind and home. This is on of my double-ended formulas; there is an ingredient that works with the stress relieving ingredients to prevent further stress by protecting us from bad fortune and our own negative thoughts and feelings. Created with Orange, lemon, rosemary, angelica, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, and clove herbs and oil. Use on white or blue candles and wear each day. Try this working to cleanse your home and spirit; Add several drops of this oil to a bowl and place in the main loving space of your home. Change the water daily until the desired outcome is attained. Use the oil on cotton balls to anoint and cleanse doorways, beds, doorknobs, or any place residual energies reside. thanks for looking!

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